what we offer

Bridging Finance

DJ Capital can provide bridging finance to enable individuals and businesses to maintain liquidity and meet commitments while waiting for an anticipated inflow of cash. more details.

Business Advisory

Our firm has specialist commercial negotiators and advisors who manage complex, corporate and institutional transactions. more details.

Example Scenarios

Scenario 1
Property Investor

A Sydney property investor required urgen finance to settle on a new property purchase.

Scenario 2
Business Purchase

A Brisbane borrower seeking to purcahse a cafe business but unable to get approval from the bank.

Scenario 3
Development Project

A Melbourne property developer seeking to purchase vacant land with DA approval

Scenario 4
Business Advisory

Debt Outweighs Asset Value.

Asset Value: $2,000,000
Bank Debt: $7,500,000

Scenario 5
Business Advisory

Bank Appoints Receiver.

Asset Value: $98,000,000
Bank Debt: $52,000,000

Scenario 6
Business Advisory

Lender Appoints Receiver.

Asset Value: $41,000,000
Bank Debt: $27,000,000